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Weitefu has been committed to service customers, provide customers with personalized product customization, in May 2014 we developed a new product, now provides some Revelations to upload to the products to you.

Super fine long reame:Designed specifically for fine, deep hole

超细铰刀 - 副本.jpg

Super-fine taper reamer

超细锥度钻头 - 副本.jpg

Taper spiral reamer

锥度螺旋铰刀 - 副本.jpg

Forming tool

合金成型铣刀 - 副本.jpg

Woodworking milling cutters

合金木工铣刀 (3) - 副本.jpg

Ultrafine longer drill bit

超长超细钻头 - 副本.jpg


If without you need the specifications of the above, you can contact us, we will with the lowest price, best quality for you.

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