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V groove milling cutter

V groove milling cutter

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Place of Origin:   Jiangsu China (Mainland) Brand Name: WTF Flute No: custom
Material:   Carbide Diameter: custom Overall Length: custom
Coating:   custom Grain Size: custom HRC: up to 65

1) V groove milling cutter
2) Coated with TISIN-S 
3) HRC Can Reach 65 Degree 
4)High hardened steels and high speed
Adapt cutting materials
Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous non-ferrous metals
Processing range

Can according to customer drawings \ sample requirements production of imported alloy tungsten steel non-standard plug gauge saw blade milling cutter, milling cutter, reamer bit T cutter chamfering cutter center drill and welding tool customer is the foundation of enterprise growing, quality was the life of enterprise development, our factory to guide Welcome new and old customers to inquire, order
Excellent quality, the precision of cutting tool is you preferred product
A large number of existing specifications without brand cutter, can by the manufacturer to build own brand knives
Factory direct sale to undertake size order
Name: ultra-fine grain of alloy coating milling cutter
Use tool warm prompt: in order to get better cutting surface and prolong tool life.Be sure to use high precision, high rigidity, good dynamic balance of the jig.
1. Before using this tool, please measure the deflection of the cutting tool, cutting tool deflection of precision exceeds 0.01 MM, please correct before cutting.
2. The tool clamp head out the length of the shorter, the better, if tool out of the amount of stretch out a long, please make your own cutting speed, feed rate and cutting amount.
3. If produce abnormal vibrations or voice in cutting, please adjust spindle speed on cutting amount until conditions improve.
4. The steel cooling spray or jet as the best way to apply, in order to make high aluminum titanium play the best effect.Stainless steel, titanium alloy or recommend the use of heat-resistant alloy not water-soluble cutting fluid.

Hardness Name Color Description
60/65HRC NACO BLUE Bluish Violet good choice for dry processing,
(ordinarybetter lubricity than TIALN,midum hardness,good for viscous/sticky material,eg:stainless steelALTIN coating unmatched)
55HRC TIALN Fuchsia good lubricity
55HRC TISIN Bronze
45HRC ALTIN Taupe corrosion and wear resistance

Packing: 1: One plastic box PCS and ten box in group
2: Client's request packing acceptable
Laser Print: According to your needs

This is a non-standard products, providing customized services, price concessions.
If without you need the specifications of the above, you can contact us, we will with the lowest price, best quality for you.