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vacuum blood collection tube different colors cap represented

1. (Normal serum tube) - red bonnet, blood collection does not contain additives, for routine serum biochemistry, blood banks and serology relevant inspection.
2. (Rapid Serum Tube) - orange head cover, adopt a coagulant, the blood vessels can activate plasmin, the soluble fibrin into insoluble fibrin polymer, thereby forming a stable fibrin clot. Serum tube may rapidly bringing the collected blood coagulation in 5 minutes, it is suitable for emergency testing serum serialization.
3. (inert separation gel coagulant tube) - golden bonnet, mining intravascular add inert separation gel and coagulant. After the samples were vortexed, an inert glue can be separated liquid components of the blood (serum or plasma) and the solid component (red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, fibrin, etc.) and the complete separation of the central tube is completely formed by the accumulation of the barrier, the specimen within 48 hours keep it steady. Coagulant can quickly activate the clotting mechanism to accelerate the coagulation process for emergency serum biochemical tests.
4. (heparin tube) - green cover, the collection tube is added heparin. Heparin has direct anti-thrombin effect, extend the sample clotting time. Suitable for erythrocyte fragility test, blood gas analysis, hematocrit test, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and general biochemical energy, do not suitable for hemagglutination test. Heparin can cause excessive accumulation of leukocytes, white blood cell count can not be used. Can increase blood stained sheet after its pale blue background, it is also suitable for leukocyte classification.
5. (plasma separator tubes) - light green cover, lithium heparin anticoagulant in the inert separate hose, can achieve the purpose of rapid separation of plasma, is the best choice for the detection of the electrolyte can also be used in conventional plasma biochemical and ICU and other emergency plasma biochemical tests. Plasma samples can be used directly on the machine and stable for 48 hours in a refrigerated state.
6. (EDTA anticoagulant tubes) - purple bonnet, ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid (EDTA, molecular weight 292) and its salts is a multi-amino carboxylic acid, can effectively chelate calcium in blood samples, or calcium chelate the calcium reactive sites will be removed and the inner termination block endogenous or exogenous coagulation process, thereby preventing clotting of blood samples. For general hematology tests, not for coagulation tests and platelet function tests, it does not apply to the determination of calcium ions, potassium ions, sodium ions, iron ions, alkaline phosphatase, creatine kinase and leucine aminopeptidase and PCR testing.
7. (sodium citrate coagulation test tube) - blue bonnet, sodium citrate, mainly through calcium chelation sky anticoagulant effect and a blood sample. Suitable for coagulation experiment, National Lab Pro provides standardization committees (national committee for clinical laboratory standards, NCCLS) recommended anticoagulant concentration is 3.2% or 3.8% (equivalent to 0.109mol / L or 0.129mol / L), anticoagulant the ratio of agent to blood is 1: 9.
8. (sodium citrate blood sedimentation test tube) - the proportion of the black head cover, the concentration of the sodium citrate test requirements ESR is 3.2% (equivalent to 0.109mol / L) anticoagulant to blood is 1: 4.

9. (potassium oxalate / sodium fluoride) - gray bonnet, sodium fluoride is a weak anticoagulant effect, general often with potassium oxalate or sodium acetate, in combination, a ratio of 1 part of sodium oxalate 3 parts potassium. This mixture can 4mg 1ml blood clotting and does not inhibit the decomposition of sugar in 23 days, it is good blood glucose estimate preservative, urea Enzymatic determination of urea can not be used, nor have measured for alkaline phosphatase and amylase, recommended for blood glucose testing.

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