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Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

disposable vacuum blood collection tube gray Potassium oxalate/ammonium

  • Name: Vacutainer
  • Size:2-3ml
  • Color:Gray
  • Featured: Potassium oxalate/ammonium
  • Product description: Test4pass offer all kind of disposable vacuum blood collection tube gray oxalate/ammonium with cheaper price for Medical Hospital & Laboratory use.

disposable vacuum blood collection tube gray oxalate/ammonium

Gray, Potassium oxalate/ammonium, 12/13x75, 12/13x100

Usual dosage: 2-3ml

36x31x27cm 75
36x31x34cm 100

Sodium fluoride:
Blood sample collection and anticoagulation for blood glucose, glucose tolerance, erythrocyte electrophoresis, alkali red blood protein, sugar and other items detected hemolysis, due to the special treatment and added inhibitors tube wall so that the original state of the blood is maintained 72h, basically stagnant blood cell metabolism and so on.
Color: gray
Centrifugal speed limit: 5000 rev / min
Maximum vacuum error: ≤5%
Operation Note: Due to sodium fluoride has good control of blood glucose degradation effects, it is recommended after blood should slow 180 ° reversal mixing gently 5-6 times

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