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Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

disposable vacuum blood collection tube orchid sodium citrate

  • Name: Vacutainer
  • Size:1.8\2.7ml
  • Color:Orchid
  • Featured: sodium citrate
  • Product description: Test4pass offer all kind of disposable vacuum blood collection tube orchid sodium citrate with cheaper price for Medical Hospital & Laboratory use.
Orchid, 1:9 Sodium citrate, 12/13x75, 12/13x100
Usual dosage:1.8\2.7ml

36x31x27cm 75
36x31x34cm 100

Sodium citrate
Check for blood clotting mechanisms, anticoagulants and blood volume ratio of 1: 9 set vacuum blood anticoagulant ratio constant 0.109mol / L, the higher ratio precision. Since sodium citrate toxicity, but also for the preservation of blood.

Color: blue
Types of additives: sodium citrate
Operating ambient temperature: 0 ℃ -37 ℃
Handling Precautions:
Blood immediately after a 180 ° reversal mixing gently 5-6 times.
b Please note that when blood collected enough blood to ensure the accuracy of test results.
c The application of soft tube is connected bidirectional blood lancets, not as the first collection tube

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